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The trials and misdemeanors of Ze Eevil Kathy

Res ipsa loquitur

10 September 1986
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'"[If I am heavy] will the bridge bear me?"
"If you can bear yourself, the bridge too can bear you."
"And I must cross this bridge?"
"Yes, you must cross the bridge."
"And if I do not cross?"
"You will be nowhere. In fact, you will be worse than nowhere. Everything around you will slowly disappear. Soon you will find yourself in an empty space. Then you will stiffen. You will lose all life. You will become the image of what you essentially are. Then, not long afterwards, half dead and half alive, unable to breathe and unable to die, you will become the statue of your worst and weakest self. In the morning, you will be collected by the garbage men and set up in the negative spaces of the city as another reminder to the inhabitants of the perils of failing to become what they can become. At night you will dream that you can move, and you will wander about in you own inferno, muttering strange words to those too idle to do anything else but listen...I assure you, it is better to try to cross that bridge and fail, than to not try at all." '
-Ben Okri, Astonishing the Gods

Am 25 years old, female, currently in my second year of a nursing course in Birmingham. Loving, silly, obsessive, quirky, rrrrrighteous. In love with just about everything.